writing prompts

Writing Prompt #4

I am truly an expert when it comes to... Nothing. Seriously, folks -- I am not even in the realm of 'expert' when it comes to anything. Mostly, I'm just making it up as I go, trying to do the best that I can. There are certainly things I am good at -- like crochet,… Continue reading Writing Prompt #4


Throw the Writing Advice Away

There are so many opinions about how and what you should write. Write what you know. Don't write what you know.  Write something original. There are no original stories. Follow the rules. Break the rules. Don't "It was a dark and stormy night"... Unless it was a dark and stormy night. If you're waiting for… Continue reading Throw the Writing Advice Away

Wicket Lake

When A Story Writes Itself

So there we were... I had worked since six o'clock the previous morning before making the ten hour drive to spend Thanksgiving at my future mother-in-law's house. After a late (or early, rather) arrival and an even later bedtime, my alarm woke me at half-past five to enjoy Thanksgiving morning with my fiance and his… Continue reading When A Story Writes Itself

Wicket Lake

Wicket Snippet: The Memories of the Stars

A fog rose heavy over the autumn morning, breaking only a sliver for the first light of the still-hidden sun. Each blade of meadow grass had been frozen in its place with an early frost which now glistened as it melted and slid down to water the fields of New Praet. Two statues had been… Continue reading Wicket Snippet: The Memories of the Stars