Easter Seeds

Tis the weekend after Easter… If I’m honest about it, I wasn’t ready for Easter this year. I’m not sure I’m ever ready for Easter – but this year especially, I was unprepared. My heart wasn’t ready. My spirit wasn’t ready. My schedule wasn’t ready. My budget wasn’t ready. My… nothing. I was not ready.… Continue reading Easter Seeds


The Shortage of Words

There is no shortage of words in our world today. Everywhere I turn this year, I feel bombarded by words -- some important, some flippant, some superficial, some profound, some firm with conviction (and some that perhaps shouldn't be), some redundant with talking points, and some just plain irritating. Perhaps this has always been the… Continue reading The Shortage of Words


Throw the Writing Advice Away

There are so many opinions about how and what you should write. Write what you know. Don't write what you know.  Write something original. There are no original stories. Follow the rules. Break the rules. Don't "It was a dark and stormy night"... Unless it was a dark and stormy night. If you're waiting for… Continue reading Throw the Writing Advice Away