The Silence of the Great Wave I have been staring at my computer screen for almost an hour now, wondering where all my words have gone. When did I become someone who didn't write? Life has stolen my words, it seems. Or maybe the opposite is true. Maybe there are too many words pressure-cooked into… Continue reading Kanagawa


A Thankful Heart

A little more than a week ago, a young woman from our community passed away. She had been battling cancer for some time. She and her husband were active members of the local faith community, and poured themselves into others and into serving and into doing those little things that matter. Her life has impacted… Continue reading A Thankful Heart


How to Write in One Easy Step

Here it is... are you ready for this? It's earth-shattering, folks... you might want to sit down. The one simple step to writing is this: Write. Yes, friends... that is quite literally it. I've spent the past several weeks in search of tips and tricks and helpful hints on how to move beyond the writer's… Continue reading How to Write in One Easy Step