writing prompts

Writing Prompt #4

I am truly an expert when it comes to... Nothing. Seriously, folks -- I am not even in the realm of 'expert' when it comes to anything. Mostly, I'm just making it up as I go, trying to do the best that I can. There are certainly things I am good at -- like crochet,… Continue reading Writing Prompt #4

Wicket Lake

Wicket Snippet: Ferry to Ohr

“I need to leave this night.”  “I can ferry you on the morrow. After the Morning Song.” A robust man with a grim expression continued tightening and knotting the ropes on his small ship, paying almost no mind to the young man before him. “I’ll pay you double.” “You could offer me triple, and the… Continue reading Wicket Snippet: Ferry to Ohr

Wicket Lake

Wicket Snippet: Davon’s King

Davon’s breath hung in the air, a mist frozen in time and space. He shivered and pulled his heavy brown cloak tighter around his body. The frozen grass crunched under his boots as he moved closer to the stone likeness of his King. He glanced to his left and to his right once more, just… Continue reading Wicket Snippet: Davon’s King