It Isn’t the Robin

It isn’t the robin who draws me He only sings for the spring Or the ruby-throated hummer I don’t miss til I see her again It’s not the starling or the jay It’s not even the song sparrow It isn’t bluebird or indigo bunting Or even the friendly junco Who perches on snow-laden boughs Graces… Continue reading It Isn’t the Robin


How to Get Apple Pie from Weeds

I don't especially like dandelions. Here in the cold, slow-to-start Upper Peninsula of Michigan, however, dandelions are one of the first signs of spring. The little weed is more prolific here than the state flower. Many well-intending folks with greener lawns than I work diligently to rid their yards of dandelions, but as a pseudo-gardener,… Continue reading How to Get Apple Pie from Weeds