It Isn’t the Robin

It isn’t the robin who draws me He only sings for the spring Or the ruby-throated hummer I don’t miss til I see her again It’s not the starling or the jay It’s not even the song sparrow It isn’t bluebird or indigo bunting Or even the friendly junco Who perches on snow-laden boughs Graces… Continue reading It Isn’t the Robin


Storytellers Almost All

Storytellers – almost all – when food and drink abound, in loosened tongues and memories long-hidden, long-removed. It births among us belly-laughs and tears that flood deep spaces as we recall unfathomable names and times and places. Every person in this room a sacred mystery of love and loss, of hope and fear – a… Continue reading Storytellers Almost All


The Fog Upon Superior

Yes, the above photo IS Lake Superior. From my personal collection of photos taken by a non-photographer. 🙂 A short for you this morning -- I'm not sure whether I'm finished with this poem, but I thought I might as well share it anyway. As always, I love your comments, questions, suggestions. ***** The fog… Continue reading The Fog Upon Superior