Sacred Spaces

It is in the quiet, in the deep the Sacred Spaces of the world where Beauty finds a place to be and simply to Belong where chaos of the day finds Sleep and visions whisper, dreams unfurl like Captive Meteors set free to endless galaxies Beyond   ©2018 Sarah Elizabeth Moore   From the shores… Continue reading Sacred Spaces


Of Gathering

If you close your eyes And breathe in deep You can smell the coming Snow I swear Like crisp of night And Autumn leaves Impending bitter Cold Is there Waiting for A place to be A place to settle And Belong Longing more For love Unseen The frigid, gentle Joy prolong Of Gathering – Ten… Continue reading Of Gathering

Wicket Lake

What is Wicket Lake about?

It happened again last night, the dreaded question. What is your novel about? Every writer knows the sudden panic that courses through the veins when someone asks what her current Work-In-Progress is about. It isn’t that we don’t know what our writing is about, and it isn’t that we don’t want to divulge.  Believe me;… Continue reading What is Wicket Lake about?