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Day 25 – 2018 AWAC

The 2018 August Write Away Challenge

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Sat, Aug. 25 – What is your favorite Sunday ritual?


Awww, stinkers! Wouldn’t it have been serendipitous if I’d pulled this prompt out tomorrow? Oh well… I’m usually a day off and a dollar short; we’ll make it work, anyway. šŸ™‚

So… I suppose there are two or three different answers to this question.

First, of course, I love Sunday worship at my church — though I hesitate to label it a “ritual,” because I don’t want anyone to think I attend church out of some sort of habitual repetition (is that redundant?). I genuinely love to attend church. I love worshiping with other Believers. I love professing a common faith with other Believers. I love hearing the Word of God taught with practical care and humble study. I love the Benediction… oh, thank God for the Benediction! I suppose it could be called “habitual,” the same way that, oh, breathing is habitual.

Second, I love to study the Psalms. Some of you know this, but I would wager most of you do not: I’m something of a geek about Hebrew poetry and literature. I’ve been studying the Psalms for some time now, diagramming them for Parallelism (a sort of umbrella term used to describe several types of poetic devices used in Hebraic literature and, more specifically, poetry). Sundays are usually the days I spend the most time in the Psalms because I don’t have to work and we try to maintain a quiet and peaceful (restful) atmosphere on Sundays.

Finally, some years ago, I began a project called The Sunday Memories. It was born out of two unique passions of mine — genealogy and hand-binding journals. I created a journal for each one of my nieces and nephews (hand-stitched!). Each page of the journal was dated with a Sunday from the upcoming year, and had a writing prompt that would encourage the kiddos to write down their memories and family stories. I gave the journals to the kids as Christmas gifts. During the year, I would spend a few moments each Sunday responding to the same prompts I’d given the kids; I would print and mail a copy to each of them. This was one of my favorite projects, and the kids really enjoyed it.

After awhile, I fell out of the habit because of a death in the family that really rocked me. I just never picked it back up. (Maybe I should??) Anyway, the kids told me they were saving the letters I’d sent, and I decided to self-publish them so the kids could have an actual book of my letters to them. The point was never to sell them on a large scale, but there has been some interest from extended family and friends. I’ve only gotten two of the books set so far, but the others are on the way (some day…). If you’re interested, you can check out The Sunday Memories books here.

There you have it — a few of my Sunday rituals.

By the way — it’s Saturday! Don’t forget to let me know if you’ve written every day this week! It’ll put you in the drawing for an Amazon Gift Card at the end of the month!

Happy AWACing!

From the shores of Wicket Lake,



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