Dying In Between

Life exists in moments

we’re dying in between

but living – this living –thrives

from joy to joy

Each joy carries us under its wing

safe, protected for awhile

from the harsh wind and

from circling vultures, biding their time.

They know – and we know –

we are walking carrion.

Our passions wasting –

smothered by fears and

bills and birthdays

into manageable dreams

that fade like mist,

lest we recall.

Yet refusing Death

we cling to Joy

and She reminds us Who we are

and Why we are

and What we are

behind the stench of our own decay

and how we are meant

for Eternity.

Yes, Joy – our hope

Joy – our home

Joy – our haven

Joy – beautiful Joy!

She lifts us from our graves –

our destinies –

and defies them both

with levity.


©2019 Sarah Elizabeth Moore


From the shores of Wicket Lake,


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