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Day 9 – 2018 AWAC

The 2018 August Write Away Challenge

If you’re just joining us, please feel free to go back and read the previous content so you’re up to speed! Otherwise, scroll down for today’s prompt.

Reminders before we get started:

  • The prompt is to use or ignore as you wish;
  • Absolutely any form of the written word is allowed;
  • All participation will be on the honor system, though sharing is strongly encouraged;
  • Participants will be asked to let me know each week that they’ve written daily;
  • Those who do write daily for the week will have their name entered into a drawing at the end of the month for a $25 Amazon Gift Card;
  • Any blogger who participates and writes every day for the month will receive a badge for your blog.
  • Please send me an email or contact me to let me know you’re participating!

Thu, Aug. 09 – Your favorite movies.


Do you remember last year when the new live action remake of Beauty and the Beast came out in theaters? I was so unimpressed. You can read all about my unmagical experience here, if you’d like. What a disappointment! For the duration of this blog post, whenever I mention Beauty and the Beast or Belle or the Beast or any character or scene or piece of information tied to Beauty and the Beast, please assume that I am speaking of the Disney animated film from 1991.

Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite movies — if not my favorite. In fact, I almost responded to yesterday’s prompt by sharing my fascination with the Enchantress. What an interesting character! I have always wondered about her, you know? We see her in this short moment of a fairy tale, and have no idea what the rest of her story is. I have often wondered why she came to the castle in the first place. Did she know that the Prince was selfish and superficial? Did she come specifically to try and teach him not to be? I’m just really curious about her story.

Somebody write that, please. I really need to know.

Otherwise… if you just want the short list…

  • Beauty and the Beast
  • The Little Mermaid
  • The Lord of the Rings
  • Pride & Prejudice (1995, BBC mini-series with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle)
  • That Thing You Do (one of the most underrated Tom Hanks films ever)
  • Oh, and then there’s that one rendition of The Phantom of the Opera… but that is only with my best friend, Jenn… and it was only that once… except we might have to watch it once more in the course of our lives. We’ll see. That’s a whole blog post unto itself.

And that’s really “it.” I don’t honestly do a lot of movie watching…

Books are better.

*sneaky grin*

Happy AWAC writing!

From the shores of Wicket Lake,




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