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Day 4 – 2018 AWAC

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The 2018 August Write Away Challenge

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Sat, Aug. 04- How easy is it for you to forgive those who have caused you pain?



I would love to meet the person who says forgiveness is easy. It isn’t. Forgiveness is hard work. It is intentional work. Sometimes it is a lifelong process. It is never easy.

But I think we often mistake forgiveness. If you’re like me and you were raised in a Christian home, going to church thrice weekly (or more), you probably have this idea that forgiveness means relationship is restored. Would it be great if that was always the case? Yes. Yes, it would. And I think that is the goal of forgiveness — restoration. As a Christian, that is the result of God’s forgiveness toward me — I am restored to fellowship with Him. Forgiveness between two human beings, however, doesn’t necessarily result in restored relationship.

This idea of forgiveness is one of the main themes I am exploring in my upcoming young adult fantasy novel, Becoming: The Prophecies of Wicket Lake. The story begins with four characters who live in close relationship with one another, whose lives are changed in an instant by the jealous decision of one who has been hurting for many years. It is inevitable that there will be forgiveness, because there is love between the characters; and yet, as I approach the first real encounter (with face-to-face interaction) between two of these individuals since the tragedy occurred, I know that forgiveness will not happen immediately, nor will it restore the fellowship that once existed. I have known this from the start (and this isn’t a spoiler; I think it’s pretty clear from the beginning that this character will not be able to restore relationships).

It isn’t merely forgiveness between two people, either. The young woman who acted out in jealousy and fear cannot be restored to those she loves — even if they could forgive her — unless she is able to forgive herself. That is when forgiveness is the hardest.

Isn’t it true of us, also? It is our own sin, our own awful decisions, our own selfishness that keeps us awake at night. It is our own behavior that is the most difficult to forgive.

Consider this: If I cannot forgive you, it causes a rift between us — a break in our relationships. What happens to my relationships — not only with you, but with everyone in my life — if I cannot forgive myself?

Happy AWAC writing!

From the shores of Wicket Lake,




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