It breaks upon Superior

Like glacier melt or heart unmelt

And starless Night weighs heavy, low

Upon my dreams and love, unfelt

It catches in my lungs – the air

So bitter from this New Moon sky

And seizes up inside my chest

The tears that Night forbade me cry

And if I could I would not cry

For grieving now has broken me

To silent, restless, settled Shame

This night may last Eternally

So I am still or maybe Numb

For even crickets Silent sleep

And dare I – not – forsake the Rest

Of those who’ve not yet learned to Weep

He left me here – exposed, alone

My fear my only company

To wait on Light – may never come –

The aftermath of tragedy

But there, a Note – not yet a song

Lifts from the day’s first Sparrow

It Resonates somewhere within

And dulls the blade of sorrow

Now deepest color – almost black –

Rests gently on the Edge of sea

And though I know it’s not yet dawn

Indigo speaks Hope to me

©2018 Sarah Elizabeth Moore


From the shores of Wicket Lake,


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