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Writing Prompt #5


I stand out from the crowd because…

Think about this honestly for a moment.

I know we all want to believe we are special (and we are) and different from everyone else (again, we are), but if every single one of us “stands out from the crowd,” then there is no longer a crowd. And if there’s no longer a crowd, doesn’t it become the norm to be different? And if it’s the norm, then it’s true for a majority. And if it’s true for the majority, then they become “the crowd.” So if they are the crowd, how can they stand out from the crowd?

I think we would do far better to stop worrying about being different from everyone else, and just work at becoming more and more ourselves.

It doesn’t matter if coffee drinking has become the stereotype of writers; I love my coffee, and I’m going to drink it while I write. Period. I don’t care who else needs coffee when they write. I want them to write in the way that works for them. For me, it is coffee.

Your voice isn’t amazing because it is completely different from every other voice there ever has been or ever will be; your voice is amazing because it is yours.

Use it.

Forget the concept of “the crowd” and just be yourself.

From the shores of Wicket Lake,


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18 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #5”

    1. Hi Julie! Welcome aboard! So glad to have you join me. I hope you find the prompts challenging and encouraging, and that they always cause you to dig deep and see more of who you are!

      No worries on the pingback. You can just copy and paste my url each week right into your blog post so others know how to get back to the writing challenge.



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