2018 August Write Away Challenge

Looking for a little something to help get your writing routine back on track? Look no more! Tomorrow begins the new month, and you are invited to join me for the first ever August Write Away Challenge!



This is the simplest writing challenge you’ll ever participate in because the object is not to write a novel or a certain number of words or anything like that; the object, rather, is simply to write. Write something. Write anything. Write a letter, write a poem, write a dear-diary, write a blog post, write a persuasive article — absolutely anything. Just… Write Away. The point is to get into the habit (or back into the habit) of writing daily.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Each day for the month, I will post a prompt here on this site. I will respond to the prompt (probably… maybe… or I’ll write something else). The prompt is to use or ignore as you wish — it is not obligatory; it is an aid if you need something to get your words flowing. Fair warning: I’ve no idea what the prompts will be. I received them as a gift in a jar from a friend several years ago and I’ve never looked at them!
  • All participation will be on the honor system. I don’t need to see or read your writing (though I’d be delighted if anyone wants to share); I only need you to be honest about whether or not you’ve written.
  • Participants will be asked to let me know each week that they’ve written daily. You can fb message me; use the contact page on this site; email me – barefootedsemme[at]gmail[dot]com; carrier pigeon — whatever works for you.
  • Those who do write daily for the week will have their name entered into a drawing at the end of the month for a $25 Amazon Gift Card (what?what?! sorry… that’s all this girl can afford!). So if you write each week for the five weeks of August, your name will be entered five times! It also means that if you don’t write every day this week, but you do write every day next week, you can still be eligible for the gift card!
  • Any bloggers who participate and write every day for the month will receive a cool (meh… probably not really so cool, but, it’s something, anyway) badge for your blog.
  • Please send me an email or contact me to let me know you’ll be participating!

What do you say, friends? Any takers?

From the shores of Wicket Lake,



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